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GETS Elementary allows 7 to 8 year old school students to build a strong foundation for Academic Abilities.
The GETS Elementary is an English language assessment designed with the objective to foster the acquisition of language needed for subject learning in academic settings. The assessment also aims at enhancing skills required for language-use in the real world.
GETS Elementary is a short 50 minute test, divided into two-stages. Stage One being Creative Skills for 20 minutes and the Stage Two being Academic Skills for 30 minutes.

The GETS Elementary Test comprises of 2 modules, Creative Skills and Aural Comprehension & Composition. The total exam duration is 50 minutes.
The GETS Elementary exam assesses the following skills:

  • Aural Comprehension: Aural Comprehension works in conjunction with phonetic instruction and entails speech perception (sound and word recognition) and processing of information to be held in short-term memory. It is an active skill required for effective language learning.
  • Composition: Composition refers to the ability to write a story by using information provided in the form of input pictures and oral instructions. It assesses clarity of ideas conveyed whilst encouraging creative cognition.
  • Logical Reasoning: Logical Reasoning addresses the thinking ability of students and helps build fundamental skills such as acquisition of information, forming associations, comparing, categorising and sequencing the information and focusing attention and spatial awareness — paramount in the study of academic disciplines.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning assesses the ability of students to understand and use concepts of words and to recognise subject vocabulary. This part enables the acquisition of new vocabulary, the skills of checking meaning and consolidation of the meaning.
  • Visual Understanding: Visual Understanding checks the ability of students to understand and follow a variety of visuals that they encounter in the world around them and also those used in the study of academic school subjects.

Module #1: Creative Skills. 20 minutes, 20 questions
Question types include:

  • Listening and matching rhyming words
  • Listening & colouring the suitable object
  • Drawing dictation
  • Composing a story using input-pictures and oral instructions

Module #2: Aural Comprehension and Comprehension. 30 minutes, 30 questions
Question types include:

  • Interpreting visuals and choosing Yes/No
  • Completing a crossword
  • Completing a word search puzzle
  • Building words by rearranging letters
  • Unjumbling words to fill the gaps
  • Sequencing images or processes
  • Circling or underlining the odd one out
  • Multiple-choice questions
The GETS Results will be available within 7 business days.
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We offer a range of support to help Teachers and Parents prepare children for the test. These include:

  • Teacher Training programme
  • eBook with integrated videos
  • Printed book with answer keys
  • Practice papers with tape script and answer keys to practice offline .…and more

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GETS Elementary Highlights

  • International Certification
  • Low cost
  • On-demand test dates
  • Quick results release
  • First of its kind assessment
  • Integrally linked to ongoing classroom teaching
  • Attain academic brilliance