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The GETS Placement test assess language skills using new-age and contemporary settings.
The test tailors itself according to the test-taker’s performance as one progresses through different parts and thus allows for adaptive testing.
This quick and convenient test caters to a broad band of proficiency levels (CEFR Levels A2 to C1) and uses innovative methods of assessment including video-based items in order to create a non-intimidating and natural test experience.
Complete the test and receive instant results.

  • Online test
  • 30 minutes duration
  • 52 questions
  • Variety of task types such as:
    • Multiple Choice Questions for:
      • Extended Reading
      • Extended Listening
      • Language accuracy
    • True/False/Not given
    • Listen/Watch and select
    • Gap-fill
  • Listening : The ability to understand acceptable English accents & pronunciation and the complete, accurate , contextual meaning of spoken language dialogues or monologues.
  • Reading: The ability to read everyday texts efficiently and understand their overall meaning as well as detailed meaning.
  • Spoken English: The ability to make suitable grammatical choices and demonstrate awareness of how the context affects the choice words in conversational English.
  • Written English: The ability to make accurate choices of tone, register, grammar, words and expressions in written language.
  • Lexical Resource: The awareness of the form meaning, pronunciation and appropriate usage of words, phrases as well as collocations and idiomatic language.
  • Grammar and Structures: The understanding of grammatical structures. It covers the use of tenses, verb forms, determiners, connectors, prepositions, modals, conditionals etc.
The GETS Placement Test Report is issued instantly after completing the test.
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GETS Placement Highlights

  • Adaptive test.
  • 52 questions in 30 minutes
  • Instant results mapped to CEFR levels A2 to C1
  • Video-based engaging test experience
  • New-age context
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Suitable for individuals, 16 years and above