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The 21st century English language certification that helps prepare individuals for the 4th Industrial Age and opens doors of opportunity across the world.

GETS Tests are designed to support schools, colleges, universities, and businesses to measure the English language proficiency levels of current or prospective students and work force.

To build the most modern language assessment and support ecosystem.

Prepare individuals for the future with English language.

GETS Exams

GETS Elementary

GETS Elementary is targeted at 7 to 8-year-old lower primary students with the objective of measuring their skills and abilities in the areas of Aural Comprehension, Composition, Verbal and Logical Reasoning and Visual Understanding…

GETS Primary

GETS Primary is especially designed for 9 to 10 year old students studying in English medium schools. The test is designed on the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) concept. The results are mapped to the CEFR.


GETS Secondary

Part of the GETS for School suite, the GETS Secondary is suited for students aged 11 to 12 years. The test covers General English, Content-Based and Oral Communication Skills. Based on the CLIL concept, the results are mapped to the CEFR.

GETS Intermediate

This set of the three component assessment is especially designed for 13 and 14 year old students. It aims to test their Academic Language Proficiency and Communication skills, thereby helping build a strong academic foundation for higher classes. The results


GETS Higher

The a 21st century English language proficiency test designed to assess the four, key language skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. GETS Higher is suited for everyone over the age of 15 years. The results are mapped to the CEFR and have been


GETS Placement

This Quick and Convenient Placement Test caters to a broad band of proficiency levels CEFR (Levels A2 to C1). It uses innovative methods of assessment, including video-based items, to create a non-intimidating, immersive, and natural test experience.

Based on Content

GETS Nursing

GETS Nursing is a modern, specific purpose English proficiency test that is designed for individuals preparing or working in the field of Nursing and Caregiving. It covers all four language skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The results are mapped to the CEFR.


The GETS Advanced is the highest-level English proficiency test in the GETS exam suite. It is designed to assess the mastery of English at an exceptional level in all four language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each module can be taken separately or can be taken together.














GETS exams are developed by highly experienced professionals in the field of English language teaching and assessments who are language practitioners and subject-experts.


GETS offers multiple mode of delivery – Paper based, Computer delivered and Mobile delivery. We also offer automated AI driven proctored delivery and also live proctoring. All our data is managed via our secure servers and data management is GDPR compliant.


All GETS exams allow flexibility in choosing exam dates. Whether Paper based or Computer delivered GETS exams can be scheduled at the convenience of the test-takers.


The results of GETS exams are quick, from immediate to within 7 working days.


GETS Speaking modules can be completed via Video with a human examiner and at a time convenient to the test-taker. Our custom built secure speaking examination module ensures complete data security and is GDPR compliant.


Developed using the GETS Scale of English that is aligned to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The GETS Scale is the result of deep research by QAI, UK’s experts and assessment professionals.


When compared with other English language assessments, the GETS suite of exams have clear competitive advantages in the areas of exam design & coverage, exam management and operations and support.


A wide range of support for Test-takers, Teachers & trainers that include Practice tests, Train the trainer programmes, Webinars and Customised support to institutions.


Extensive support for Teachers and Students

Train the Trainer

A wide range of Certificate and Diploma programmes from QAI, UK, to help teachers and trainers get ready to teach in the 21st Century.


PREP. Book

Printed and interactive eBook for test-takers explaining each GETS assessments along with useful tips on how to prepare for the certification.


Practice Tests

Full practice tests to help test-takers get familiar with the test format, question types and prepare better for the GETS tests.


Mobile App

A comprehensive Mobile Application to help test takers practice and prepare for their GETS certification.



Interactive sessions with experts providing useful information suitable for teachers and trainers and also for test-takers.


Ask the Expert

Available for Teachers, Trainers and Test-takers. Connect with GETS experts to seek clarification to all your queries and doubts.


GETS Videos



  • Client Image

    Recently, Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce has made English proficiency tests mandatory for students looking to enroll
    and complete their bachelor's degree using GETS as a testing platform. Despite using English as a communication medium in educational platforms, the thought of actually putting that skill to test through GETS standards was daunting. Never having faced such a test, being anxious was an option and being prepared was another. I chose the latter one and familiarized myself with how GETS tests were implemented and structured to test the reading, writing, listening and speaking aspects of English. During this process, I understood the GETS implemented test structure and how each section was partitioned in order to help students acknowledge the basics better with a little bit of their own creative thinking poured into the learning process. All in all, GETS tests are very intriguing and well structured and can help students understand their shortcomings and their strong side in the English language better, as it did for me.
    • Anmol Koirala
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
  • Client Image

    Giving the GETS English test was a different experience for me. Unlike other English proficiency tests, the tests are conducted
    electronically which provide faster gradings. The test provided me with a better overview of my strong and weak points. I feel more confident about my english now.
    • Sanjay Shrestha
    • Student
  • Client Image

    I had an insightful experience while preparing for GETS as required by our university. Having no past experiences in any
    proficiency tests like it, the preparation classes were quite informative and helped me prepare well for the test and credits where due, I thank my teachers for that. GETS has provided a wonderful learning experience to hone my skills and help me develop my confidence in my comprehension, verbal as well as other necessary skills to be able to communicate in English fluently. GETS provides a free online mock test that I took which helped me familiarize myself with the test procedure. When I took the final test the results exceeded my expectations. It’s a tough enough course to better someone if they’re good and easy enough so that everybody can at least develop the basic English communication skills. Thank you Softwarica for providing the opportunity.
    • Aadarsha Man Shrestha
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
  • Client Image

    GETS English language proficiency test and exam was very powerful to determine the level of understanding I have in English
    language overall. Although I did my higher secondary education in Foreign country, I realized I still lacked the skills to make my writing formal at its best when I had to deal with people with English as their first language. I realized my speaking lacked precise words when it comes to explaining things, I have to thank GETS classes where I found a way to improve it further.
    • Sakar Khanal
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
  • Client Image

    Preparing for the tests and taking them was a rewarding experience. Rather than testing the mastery of the language, I felt
    that the GETS test, with its four modules, examined the basic fluency, which I think is more suitable for non-native speakers.
    • Tenzin Tsering Shestha
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
  • Client Image

    I would like to share a little about my experience on the GETS examination that I appeared.It was an amazing experience. To be
    honest, the exam was a bit tough and the questions were unfamiliar to me but the experience was very new for me. But somehow I managed to adapt it quickly. It helped me to gain experience to speak English fluently in front of mass and also helped me to improve my English. In conclusion, I would like to write that this test would be a perfect starter for those who are just getting into English language.
    • Sangeet Paudel
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
  • Client Image

    GETS, Global English Testing Services certificate course, at our institution, did amass a heavy heap of accolades from
    the authorities. The 60 hour face-to-facetraining, with the aid from the material provided, helped the aspirants immensely. Besides the test papers, the online support (mobile app) GETS-go-beyond had been instrumental in harnessing the key skills and preparing themselves for the Test. Having known the paramount importance of English Proficiency for global success, we opted this course as this comes in a package to test all key skills of language i.e., Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. The hallmark of this test conduct is its mode of implementing a thorough authenticated IELTS based test pattern. To gist a few responses from the aspirants, the course did unravel the inhibitions and ironed out the diffidence to excel oneself and prepare well for global competency. The students are in awe with the professional way that the test has been conducted. To sum up, the test has helped them immensely to improve the skill set required.
    • Ramesh Vijaya Babu K, M. A, M. Phil
    • Assistant Professor of English, Training and Placement Cell, SRKR Engineering College
  • Client Image

    This course GETS Higher examines language acquisition with an overview of aspects of LSRW as well as social and cultural
    factors influencing language acquisition. The course further explores various possibilities like speaking confidently, reading for various sub-skills like information, comprehension, gist, and summary, listening and professional writing skills like factors, related to language learning among both native and non-native speakers of English. Delivery of materials, assessment and accountability post assessments are praiseworthy practices for English language learners through this Course. Especially, in our Institution students are much benefitted through these certifications. According to the students, The Certificates help them to exhibit their expertise in communication while they appear for job interviews.
    • Dr Hari Babu Thammineni, M.A. M.Phil., PhD
    • Professor – Department of English| Vice-Principal (Admin) Lendi Institute of Engineering & Technology Vizag
  • Client Image

    Being a graduate student from a government school of a small village where our mother tongue was prioritized. I was never really
    confident if my English. Needless to say it was one of the greatest challenge for me, GETS exam in softwarica really helped me win over this challenge. I cannot be more grateful to softwarica for helping me with my shortcomings. My English has improved. Thank you Softwarica!
    • Amrit Pangeni
    • Student
  • Client Image

    The GETS Exam was really a good and wonderful experience for me. It helps me to pin point my week areas/skills in English and
    also helps me to enhance my English at some extent. This exam brings confidence in me. The teacher was also supportive through out the course.
    • Ranjeet Sunar
    • Student
  • Client Image

    GETS is an English proficiency test that is determining an individual’s English skills with the guidance and assistance from
    an experienced teacher and the tools provided by Softwarica college, I as a person who felt English was not my cup of tea, started having an opaque vision in using English skills. Thank you Softwarica.
    • Shristi Shrestha
    • Student
  • Client Image

    When the college announced that we had to take GETS English test as per the university requirement. I was nervous! I knew I had
    good English before the test, but wasn’t familiar with the testing system. So I went online and practiced by doing some mock tests and got accustomed to the exam format. When the test day came, I gave it my best shot, practicing before hand really helped. When I got the results, I was really happy to see that I get scores that exceeded university requirements. It was a very wonderful experience.
    • Bimal Paudel
    • Student
  • Client Image

    Successfully completed GETS Exam from Softwarica. I had a wonderful experience by giving online test. I am highly satisfied.
    It was great to learn the skills of how to write and verbally communicate. I am very thankful to be provided by this opportunity that served me as a credible exposure with online English proficiency test.
    • Saksham Piya
    • Student

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