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GETS Nursing is a modular English language test designed specifically to assess the English language skills of nurses in a healthcare context. It tests their ability in four language skills, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Candidates can choose to sit all four modules together or as separate tests in any possible combination. The test is distributed through a network of Authorised Test Centres that run and administer the test. Results are easy to interpret and aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability.

Nursing and medical colleges, specific purpose training institutes, universities and other higher education institutions can use GETS Nursing to measure their students’ level of English for admission, progression, and graduation. They can then make informed decisions about course placement and language support needs and therefore, help their students to meet the requirements of a highly competitive international labour market.

GETS Nursing is also of great assistance to hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics, and private nursing providers in recruitment and placement. By reflecting actual workplace situations and the roles they wish to undertake, it supports the English language assessment of job applicants in a variety of healthcare settings. GETS Nursing can also be used to measure skills levels among employees in decisions about development programmes for the current workforce. As it is set in a healthcare environment, using real-life workplace contexts, GETS Nursing offers candidates an engaging test experience.

GETS Nursing has been developed by a team of experts in the fields of nursing, general healthcare, and English language testing. Their expertise, combined with the latest technology, makes GETS Nursing the most up-to-date and flexible specific purpose English language test for nurses.

GETS Nursing is a secure test, run and administered through a network of Authorised Test Centres around the world.

GETS Nursing can be administered as both a paper-based and a computer-based test.

Tailored assessment services and test administration for nursing colleges, universities, clinics and hospitals can be arranged upon request

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  • 4 parts/25 questions
  • Approximately 30 min.
  • Each part is played once only.
  • Task types: Three-option multiple-choice and note-completion.


  • 3 parts/35 questions
  • 45 min.
  • Task types: Multiple matching, multiple-option gap fill, and three-option multiple-choice


  • 2 tasks
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Task 1: Candidates listen to an interaction between a nurse and a patient and complete an entry in a record keeping system. They write their answers as they listen to the recording.
  • Task 2: Candidates listen to a dialogue between a nurse and a patient regarding the patient’s condition. As they listen, they complete a note-completion task. They are then given 30 minutes to use this information to write an email of at least 200 words.


  • 2 parts. Approximately 10 min.
  • Part 1: A short conversation between the candidate and the examiner, focusing on general social and interactional language and topics of conversation, such as study, work and interests.
  • Part 2: A role-play between the candidate and the examiner, who plays the part of the patient. Candidates are required to read and review patient’s notes before going on to give a brief oral summary of these to the patient alongside responding appropriately to the patient’s questions and providing further clarification and guidance to them before bringing the interaction to a close.
  • Each sub-test carries 25% weightage.Each of the four modules, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing carries 25% weightage.
  • The scores for each of the four modules are awarded out of 100.
  • Listening:One mark for each correct answer. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers.
  • Reading:One mark for each correct answer. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers.
  • Writing:Assessed by certified examiners using the GETS Scale of English Writing Marking Guides and Descriptors aligned to the CEFR
  • Speaking:Assessed by certified examiners using the GETS Scale of English Writing Marking Guides and Descriptors aligned to the CEFR
  • The overall GETS score provided reflects achievement on the GETS Scale of English.
  • The overall GETS level and the corresponding CEFR level are reported as Below B1, CEFR B1, CEFR B2 or CEFR C1.

The GETS Nursing Results will be available within 10 business days.

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  • Practice Tests for offline practice
  • Online Practice Tests for online practice
  • Video speaking practice with experts
  • On-demand writing and speaking feedback with experts
  • Mobile App support


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GETS Nursing Highlights

  • Covers Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Take all 4 modules together or separately
  • Results mapped to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)
  • Paper based, Computer delivered or from Home using online proctoring
  • On-demand test date and time.
  • Video based Speaking available
  • Writing and Speaking marked by Certified Examiners
  • Secure test delivery
  • Quick results (normally within 7 working days)
  • Suitable for individuals 18 years and above