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Rashid Mahabub Shojib

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    Recently, Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce has made English proficiency tests mandatory for students looking to enroll
    and complete their bachelor's degree using GETS as a testing platform. Despite using English as a communication medium in educational platforms, the thought of actually putting that skill to test through GETS standards was daunting. Never having faced such a test, being anxious was an option and being prepared was another. I chose the latter one and familiarized myself with how GETS tests were implemented and structured to test the reading, writing, listening and speaking aspects of English. During this process, I understood the GETS implemented test structure and how each section was partitioned in order to help students acknowledge the basics better with a little bit of their own creative thinking poured into the learning process. All in all, GETS tests are very intriguing and well structured and can help students understand their shortcomings and their strong side in the English language better, as it did for me.
    • Anmol Koirala
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
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    Giving the GETS English test was a different experience for me. Unlike other English proficiency tests, the tests are conducted
    electronically which provide faster gradings. The test provided me with a better overview of my strong and weak points. I feel more confident about my english now.
    • Sanjay Shrestha
    • Student
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    I had an insightful experience while preparing for GETS as required by our university. Having no past experiences in any
    proficiency tests like it, the preparation classes were quite informative and helped me prepare well for the test and credits where due, I thank my teachers for that. GETS has provided a wonderful learning experience to hone my skills and help me develop my confidence in my comprehension, verbal as well as other necessary skills to be able to communicate in English fluently. GETS provides a free online mock test that I took which helped me familiarize myself with the test procedure. When I took the final test the results exceeded my expectations. It’s a tough enough course to better someone if they’re good and easy enough so that everybody can at least develop the basic English communication skills. Thank you Softwarica for providing the opportunity.
    • Aadarsha Man Shrestha
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
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    GETS English language proficiency test and exam was very powerful to determine the level of understanding I have in English
    language overall. Although I did my higher secondary education in Foreign country, I realized I still lacked the skills to make my writing formal at its best when I had to deal with people with English as their first language. I realized my speaking lacked precise words when it comes to explaining things, I have to thank GETS classes where I found a way to improve it further.
    • Sakar Khanal
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
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    Preparing for the tests and taking them was a rewarding experience. Rather than testing the mastery of the language, I felt
    that the GETS test, with its four modules, examined the basic fluency, which I think is more suitable for non-native speakers.
    • Tenzin Tsering Shestha
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce
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    I would like to share a little about my experience on the GETS examination that I appeared.It was an amazing experience. To be
    honest, the exam was a bit tough and the questions were unfamiliar to me but the experience was very new for me. But somehow I managed to adapt it quickly. It helped me to gain experience to speak English fluently in front of mass and also helped me to improve my English. In conclusion, I would like to write that this test would be a perfect starter for those who are just getting into English language.
    • Sangeet Paudel
    • Student, Softwarica College of IT & E-Commerce