Based on the the questions asked by the stakeholders and test-takers, we have compiled below a list of frequently asked questions that may be useful for different groups. To help us build this knowledge base, please write to us with a question that is not appropriately covered. Click here to post your question

The test developers do not suggest any minimum age as the GETS is a skills test. However, it is recommended that the GETS Higher is taken by an individual who is over the age of 14 years.

No. You can take any one module or a combination of modules at the same time. However, it is recommended to take all 4 modules, i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking at the same time for best results of the overall English language proficiency.

There is different fee for the GETS Higher paper test and the GETS Higher internet test. The test fee is associated with the test country, venue and is fixed by the test centre. It is therefore suggested that you get in touch with your test centre and enquire the fee of the desired test mode​.

Your test result can be available immediately for the Reading test as it is marked by the computer. The Writing, Speaking and Listening test results are normally given within 7 working days. The results are processed and a link to the secure website is provided on the registered email id of the test-taker, who will be able to login by entering their unique ID and date of birth and get their results. You can also print your result as a PDF. The stake holders also get access to the secure results verification website and they can verify the results of an individual, should there be a need.

You can repeat the test for grade improvement. While there is no minimum period before which you cannot repeat, it is advised that the test-taker understands the gap area, basis their earlier score and puts in adequate effort to prepare for the next test and then re-sit and instead of re-sitting the test without adequate preparation or understanding.

No, the GETS test is not recognised by any home office / foreign office for visa purposes. GETS Higher is a general purpose English language proficiency test that gives the test takers and employers a credible score which is mapped to world standards, CEFR.

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